small change makes a big difference

We’re often asked after meetings how we got our name. Most of the time, we’ll get a few laughs when we say it’s because we like to be paid in cash. If we’re feeling particularly cheeky, we’ll suggest that we’re barely charging enough for what we do.

The truth is, Pettycache is about the small changes that make a big difference. Our pride in the craft compels us to channel resources into oft-overlooked details.

We are able to work fast and respond to our clients’ needs without anything getting in our way. We invest in engineering, research, technical support, and good design. We also invest in ourselves, keeping our knowledge and process relevant to the industry’s best practices.

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49 Jalan Pemimpin
Singapore 577203

The team

Gad Tan

Bachelor of Digital Media

Justin Low

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Product Design

Neilson Cheng

Diploma Creative Media Design